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Calisthenics full pack

Calisthenics full pack

GYM KIT 3 products transform your space into a full home gym.
VERSATILE ROUTINE A set for a variety of exercises and dynamic workouts.
NO FEES Your own gym without waits or monthly payments. Train at your own pace.
WOODEN STYLE Sports equipment in wood, aesthetic and distinct from the conventional.

Lowfit Parallettes
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Complete Training Set Transform any corner of your home into a personalized fitness space. It consists of four key pieces that cover all your training needs, ensuring you have the right tools for effective exercise without leaving home.

Savings and Comfort Forget the constant trips to the gym, accumulating fees, and the competition for a machine during peak hours. With our set, you have the freedom to train at your own pace, on your own time, without interruptions. It's a long-term investment that benefits not just your pocket, but your overall well-being.

Aesthetic and Functional Design Our products break away from the industrial norm. Made with design and utility in mind, each piece blends seamlessly into any home decor, eliminating the need to hide the equipment after use. The build quality guarantees durability, while the aesthetic finish proves that style and function can coexist in the world of sports equipment.

Total Body Workout Every component of our set is designed for versatility. Not only does it allow you to work specific muscle groups, but by combining them, you can have a routine that enhances your strength, endurance, and flexibility. Discover a range of exercises that keep your routine exciting and challenging.

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